Seminars are held in Fourth Floor Conference Room (P&A 4-330) on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted

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Talk Title

Fall 2012
19 September
John Chalker
Oxford University
Integer Quantum Hall Edge States far from Equilibrium

26 September


3 October

Siddharth Parameswaran
UC Berkeley
When can insulators be 'featureless'?

12 October in KN 6-129

Zohar Ringel
Weizman Institute of Science
Disordered Topological Insulators
17 October
24 October
Mircea Trif
Resonantly Tunable Majorana Polariton in a Microwave Cavity
31 October
Joe D. Thompson
Los Alamos National Lab
Textured Superconductivity from a Coexisting Broken Symmetry
7 November
Elihu Abrahams
Quasiparticles Beyond The Fermi Liquid And Heavy Fermion Criticality
14 November
Dirk Morr
University of Illinois at Chicago
A Nanoscopic Approach to Heavy Fermions:
from Kondo droplets to Kondo Holes
21 November
Yi (Nina) Li
University of California, San Diego
3D and 4D Topological Insulators - Coming Back to Landau Levels
5 December      
12 December John McGreevy
University of California, San Diego
Lattice gauge theory for fractional Chern insulators
13 December

Srinivas Raghu

Stanford University
Kerr effect as evidence of gyrotropic order in the cuprates

Winter 2013

2 January


9 January

16 January      
23 January
30 January      
6 February
Peter Hirschfeld
University of Florida
13 February      
20 February      
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13 March      
20 March      
Spring 2013
3 April      
10 April      
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