To: 16th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Plasmas Colleagues

From: George Miley, Editor

Journal of Plasma Physics

Re: Special "Plasma Simulation" Issue of Journal of Plasma Physics

I would like to invite contributions on topics covered in the 16th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Plasmas for inclusion in a special section of Journal of Plasma Physics(JPP)that deals with numerical simulation of plasmas. Since I have attended prior meetings, I know well that one of the objectives is to maximize informal technical interchange so that proceedings with full length papers are not an official part of the meeting. However, those attendees planning to further expand their papers may want to consider publication in JPP.

If you are interested, I would like to invite you to submit a paper based on your research to this special section. Contribution of a manuscript is, of course, completely voluntary on your part. However, I find that there are a number of presentations at Santa Barbara that would be of immense interest to JPP readers, so I hope that you will consider preparing a contribution.

Any contributions to JPP will, of course, go through the standard review process by peers. JPP is highly ranked by the citation index, is a leading journal in the field, and is known for strong review procedures. However, the research presented at Santa Barbara is typically of a caliber that it could easily stand up to such critical review.

The proposed deadline for receiving papers for the special section is May 30, 1998. This date is intended to allow time for you to get your thoughts and data into a journal style manuscript (manuscript format itself is straightforward - refer to the cover material in any recent issue).

TO ASSIST OUR PLANNING FOR THIS SPECIAL ISSUE WOULD YOU PLEASE CONTACT US AT COPPEDGE@STUDENTS.UIUC.EDU OR BY FAX AT (217) 333-2906 AND LET US KNOW IF YOU PLAN TO SUBMIT A PAPER. If so, provide the tentative title and a rough estimate of the number of pages. In order to plan the special section, we will need to hear of your intent by March 15, 1998. If you have any questions, contact Hallie Coppedge, Assistant Editor, JPP at the above address or by phone, (217) 333-3772.




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