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    fig. 1
  1. General configuration for spin stabilized magnetic levitation. The commercial Levitron actually has a solid square base uniformly magnetized except for a circular region in the center. Ring magnets work fine despite some patent claims that it is impossible to levitate over circular magnets[4].
    fig. 2
  2. As the top moves off center its precession axis orients to the local field direction. Without this reorientation, radial confinement would be impossible at the levitation height.
    fig. 3
  3. Graphs of tex2html_wrap_inline808 and tex2html_wrap_inline810 as a function of height above an ideal ring magnet with OD 10 cm and ID 6 cm. The stable levitation height occurs where tex2html_wrap_inline812, K>0, and tex2html_wrap_inline816. The levitation height is just above the inflection point of tex2html_wrap_inline542.
    fig. 4
  4. Experimental setup for synchronous drive of the top to overcome slowing due to air resistance or to increase the spin rate. By slowly increasing the spin, the upper spin limit can be observed.