UCLA Basic Plasma Physics Lab

Welcome to the Web page collection that describes the research program of Professor Reiner L. Stenzel and Dr. J. Manuel Urrutia. The work is conducted at the Department of Physics and Astronomy and currently funded by the National Science Foundation. Detailed descriptions of the research and experimental device are available. With a few exceptions, visitors to this Web site can download all our publications, as well as selected conference presentations.

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The research program focuses on the study of basic plasma physics phenomena. Research topics of broad interest and relevance to space and fusion research are the core of the program.

Novel laboratory experiments are performed to explore plasma properties in new parameter regimes and to test theoretical models. The work involves the construction of suitable plasma devices, the design of experiments, measurements with a variety of diagnostic tools, data evaluation with computers, and comparisons with theories.

The research has been presented in numerous conferences and published in refereed archival journals. Lists of papers and abstracts are available. Slides of selected conference presentations may also be viewed.