Current Employment inPlasma & Environmental Physics Lab Los Angeles & Alaska

Using HIPAS Observatory for Communications, Environment and Basic Science

SALARY: OPEN (Dependent on Experience)
Job Description:
The Plasma Physics Laboratory is looking for innovative Graduate Students and Professional Staff to work
on problems in environmental physics. A specific project, involving the design of an RF Plasma Torch
system for the destruction of hazardous waste, is expected to start this fall. This project may lead to an exciting, long term program to actually construct a pilot plant to process waste for a modest sized city. Concomitant research will involve all phases of plasma torch operation,chemical waste destruction, high temperature materials processing, etc.
Graduate students in physics, chemistry, and engineering will be considered. We anticipate working with
the Chemistry Department and disciplines as well.

Graduate students should contact Prof. Alfred Wong via
email at:
Professional staff for this project may be hired initially on a consulting basis.
Personnel with experience in plasma systems, high temperature materials, waste processing, hazardous materials
processing and project management will be considered. Salary levels are open and will be dependent on
experience and project responsibilities.
Professional staff employment is an option for the second phase. Please contact us via fax
(310-206-2173) or email for further information and/or to provide a resume.

We need two undergraduates to work in the lab during the summer. The work consists of: general cleanup
of the laboratory spaces; inventory of equipment and tools; organizing storage of equipment and tools.
If interested, send an email to
Job Description:
Exciting opporutunities immediately available for graduate students to perform experiments and
theoretical work in physics and the environment. Graduate students with hands-on experience in
electro-mechanical systems preferred. Students with good grasp of fundamentals will be provided training
in laboratory skills.
Please contact us via fax (310-206-2173) or email for further information
and/or to provide a resume.