Using HIPAS Observatory for Communications, Environment and Basic Science

date: 8.29.01

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  • Use the largest astronomical mirror and LIDAR in Alaska to monitor the ozone profile and conduct optical communications experiments
  • Use the largest laser in Alaska to generate an ionized medium for communication purposes or to excite ion cyclotron waves to accelerate CO2 molecules out of the atmosphere, thus helping to solve the CO2 green house warming problems
  • Transport and reassemble Clear Air Station surplus radar equipment at HIPAS to build the largest radar for B asic Science in Alaska
  • Provide training and job opportunities for technologists in Alaska in the areas of telecommunication and energy.
  • Cooperate with GCI to have an All Alaskan Network of monitoring station laskacosistin ofa maximum of 75 stations.
  • Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Proposal "Environmental Research in Alaska"