1. Chemistry / Biomaterial laboratory
In recent years the PI, together with other faculty members at UCLA established a material preparation, handling and characterization laboratory. The laboratory includes the following tools:

UV-spectrometer, IR-spectrometer, Spin coater,
Sprayer, Micro balance, Water Purification Unit,
Centrifuge, Vacuum centrifuge, Microscope, and
Miscellaneous chemistry / biomaterial handling tools.

2. Electronic testing
The laboratory directed by the PI is fully equipped with a wide range of electronic measuring tools for dc to low frequency electronic transport and noise measurements in various fluid environments. Electronic transport experiments have been routinely performed by the group in the last decade, and considerable expertise has been acquired in conducting such sensitive experiments.

3. On-campus resources available to our group

UCLA Nanolab:  http://www.nanolab.ucla.edu/Equipment/EquipCenter.htm

MCTP Lab:        http://snpp.chem.ucla.edu/mctp/resources/chem_biochem/

4. Pictures 

Real time sensing setup.

Chemistry lab.

UV-Vis spectrometer.

Infrared spectrometer.


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