David Hecht

My name is David Hecht and I was raised in Agoura Hills a town about 25 miles from UCLA. I received a B.S. in Physics from UCSD in June 2001, and worked for just over a year at a small company in San Diego called Quantum Magnetics, doing R&D on sensitive magnetic measurements for medical and military applications. I began my P.H.D. program in physics at UCLA in September 2002, and am currently working for Professor Grüner doing research on carbon nanotube networks. My interests include sports (especially soccer, tennis, and the Lakers), reading, and poker.

Current Research
My research at UCLA focuses on the physical properties of carbon nanotubes, and especially on how to use them in transistor applications. My early research was on properties of carbon nanotube networks, focusing on the percolation regime. I have studied the transparency of very rare networks, that yet maintained reasonable conductivity. My recent work has been in collaboration with Rob Ramirez of the Stoddart group in functionalizing carbon nanotubes with a light sensitive molecule called porphyrin for opto-electronic applications.

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