Liangbing Hu

I was born in the Hubei Providence of China. I attended the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) from 1997 and got a B.A. in applied physics in 2002. Currently, I am a P.H.D. student in physics at UCLA.

Current Research
I am studying the properties and the device applications of nanotube (NT) films. Currently I am using various methods to fabricate single nanotubes films on various surfaces based on nanotube solutions, and studing the physical properties of the film including the dc and ac conductivity (up to 100MHz), microwave properties using a cavity perturbation method, and optical properties (UV-Vis and Infrared). Also, I am interested in the device applications of the nanotube films, especially field effect transistors (FETs). We are using photolithography and shadow masks to fabricate NT-FETs on various substrates, measure the temperature dependence of the FET down to 4 kelvin and then use those transistors for biosensing.


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