Recent news articles:

  1. “Carbon nanotube based battery architecture” published in Applied Physics Letters prompted wide media attention (PPnewsreports.pdf).
  2. Nanotubes Mimic Nature (Materials Today, Oct. 2006) (PDF)
  3. Nanophotonics: Lighting the way (Nature Nanotechnology, Sep. 01, 2006)
  4. 2005 MRS Fall Meeting (PDF)
  5. Transparent Flexible Transistors (PDF)
  6. Nanotube Transistor Interacts with Cell Membrane (PDF)
  7. Nanotube Networks Make the Link (PDF)
  8. Cell Membranes Integrated into CNT Devices (PDF)
  9. Nanotube networks make the link (PDF)
  10. Flexible Transistors with High Carrier Mobilities Made from Carbon Nanotubes (PDF)
  11. Nanotech Alert (PDF)
  12. Coated Nanotube Record Light (PDF)
  13. Biotechnology, C. Biever, Bendy Nanotubes do the Twist with Target Proteins (PDF)
  14., C. Biever, DNA - Celebrating 50 years of the double helix: Electrifying claims
    for DNA are dashed
  15. Silica-Coated SWNTs Form Unique Nanostructures (PDF)
  16. Developing Nano-based DNA Detection Platform (PDF)


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