Nanomix and UCLA Sign Exclusive Licensing Agreement

Developing Nano-based DNA Detection Platform

Emeryville, CA - December 9, 2004 - Nanomix Inc., a leading nanotechnology company, today announced that it has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with The Regents of the University of California, Los Angeles, for technology used to detect biomolecules such as DNA and proteins. The licensing agreement gives Nanomix the right to use and further develop the technology, invented by Dr. George Gruner of UCLA. Future applications of this promising technology may range from glucose monitoring to viral and infectious disease detection and even homeland security.

"We are very excited to be licensing partners with UCLA, helping to advance our biomolecule detection platform," said David Macdonald, CEO and President of Nanomix. "Dr. Gruner's discoveries will be used to develop products including a range of sensors and detectors for medical, diagnostic, industrial and forensic uses. These sensors will permit the direct electronic detection and identification of biomolecules, resulting in faster, simpler and cheaper measurements."

"Electronic detection of biomolecules, the subject of the licensed invention will likely play a significant role in a variety of products in the biomedical and biotechnology arena, ranging from early detection of cancer to gene chips," said Dr. George Gruner. "I anticipate that Nanomix will pursue a vigorous research and development program that will move the invention from the early-stage feasibility study to a product development phase."

The license includes a pending patent application by Dr. Gruner (Publication No.: US 2004-0067,530), describing nano-structured electronic devices which include biological probe molecules. The probe molecules produce a measurable electrical effect when binding or interacting with a target biological molecule.

About Nanomix
Nanomix is an exciting nanotechnology company currently launching a menu of nanoelectronic detection devices combining carbon nanotube electronics with silicon microstructures. These sensors will add value across a broad range of industrial and medical applications where attributes of nanotechnology -- low power consumption, small size, high sensitivity, specificity, reproducibility, and wireless system integration offer significant performance advantages. Founded in 2000, Nanomix is located in Emeryville,
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