Quantum Mechanics

Ernest  Abers


(1st and 2nd printings)

The corrections are grouped into three categories:

Errors in the first category are the most important: The text as written is wrong or impossible to understand. There are some errors of intermediate importance: These are not totally trivial, but  the reader can probably figure out what was intended. Most of the other errors are only embarrassing.

The third list includes words omitted or repeated,  a’s that should be an’s, or’s that should be of’s,  plurals that should be singular, brackets that should be parentheses, and vice versa.  There are some unhappy changes of notation in the middle of an argument, incorrect summation indices, wrong equation references, misspelled names, stray lines and mathematical symbols, integration variables repeated or in the wrong place, vectors that are not in boldface, and so forth.

Here are the links to the corrections, grouped by seriousness:

The reader might want to make the corrections in the first category, or the first two categories, and just keep the rest of the list for reference.

You can also see all the errors, listed either by page number or in the order they were reported or discovered:


For your convenience there is also a list of