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California State Office of Emergency Services

EDIS - Emergency Digital Information Service (Ca. OES)

California Highway Patrol Computer Aided Dispatch Media System

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Ham Radio

HF Band Conditions

How's Propagation on VHF/UHF?

The ARRL - Amateur Radio Relay League (The ARRL Letter)

Ham Radio Frequency Allocations

The Considerate Operators Frequency Guide

The Condor Connection - an open system of 222 MHz repeaters linking hams from the Bay Area in the north, to San Diego in the south. The system coverage extends eastward to points in Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

ArtSci is a pretty decent source for duplicate tech manuals, frequency lists, repeater guides and the like. They used to (and may still) have an open-repeater data base accessible via the site.

Alright - I'm into QRP. Turn up your preamp and get over it. Meanwhile, check out the QRP Amateur Radio Club International pages.

Ham Radio Repeaters in Southern California

KB6MIP's 6m (50-54MHz) repeater list

2m (144-148MHz) repeater list

1.33m (222-225MHz) repeater list

75cm (440-450MHz) repeater list

33cm (902-928MHz) repeater list

23cm (1282-1286MHz) repeater list

JPL's ARC has an excellent repeater database for Southern California

Ham Radio VHF/UHF Coordination in Southern California

SCRRBA , coordinates the use of 28-28.7MHz, 50-54MHz, 420-450MHz, 902-928MHz, 1240-1300MHz, 2300-2400MHz, 3300-3500MHz, 5650-5925MHz, 10000-10500MHz and 24 GHz

TASMA coordinates the use of 144-148 MHz

The 220 SMA coordinates the use of 222-225MHz



The latest 2-line Keps




Linux Online

Home of the Linux Kernel

Ham Radio Applications for Linux

Sourceforge an open source source.

FreshMeat - another open source source.

Gnu's collection of open source software



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