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Version 1.50 is the current version of JWPce.

Requesting comments: If you have any comments, suggestions, or find bugs, please send them to me: e-mail

Features for next version: The following features will be in the next version of JWPce so there is no need to ask for them:

Known Problems: There are no known problem at the moment. That is not to say there are not things that can be better, or that I would like to add.

I am collecting errors in the Radical Lookup dialog. If you find a kanji that is miss-categorized, please report it.

Please report any bugs and suggestions back to me: e-mail.

If you are using JFC, and upgrade your version of JWPce, make sure you have a current version of JFC (1.20).

If you choose to try JWPce, check the web site periodically for new releases, there are a number of great features in the works.

Due to space limitations on my web server, I have had to distribute files in a slightly different format. Basically to conserve space I have divided what used to be larger archives into smaller archives, when the same actual file can be reused. The main consequence of this is you may have to download more than one file. Additionally, because the copyright notice and readme files are in every archive, you will get file duplications when you decompress the files. Do not worry about this, simply overwrite all duplicated files, as long a your archives all contain the same version of JWPce.

Help! I know nothing about computers and still want to get the program!

  1. Get all four of these .exe files! (Just click on them.)
    jwpcemin.exe Part I (5.1 MB, same as JWPce minimum install).
    jwpcemax.exe Part II (10.8 MB).
    jwpceman.exe Manual (1 MB).
    jwpcehlp.exe Help (1.4 MB).
  2. Download them into a directory on your machine.
  3. Double click on each file.
  4. Find the file jwpce.exe (in your directory) double click on it.
  5. You are done!

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