Michael Gutperle  Research


Dirichlet Branes and boundary states
Together with M.B. Green, I developed the boundary state description of Dirichlet branes in the light cone gauge
Together with M.B. Green, I constructed D-instantons in type IIB superstring theory, found instanton induced terms in the effective action like R^4 and determined the exact form of these terms using S-duality
Flux branes
Together with M.Costa and A. Strominger, I  found new supergravity solutions which generalize the Melvin solution of Einstein-Maxwell theory and give interpolations between supersymmetric and nonsupersymmetric solutions.
S-branes and time dependent backgrounds in String theory
Together with A. Strominger, I  found new time dependend solutions describing the creation and decay of branes.
Janus solution
Together with D. Bak and S. Hirano I found a dilatonic domain wall solution in AdS_5 x S^5 which corresponds to an interface solution in N=4 SYM where the coupling constant jumps across the interface
Holographic duals of interfaces and junctions
Together with E. D'Hoker, J. Estes, D. Krym and M. Chiodaroli, I found various generalizations of the Janus solutions in type IIB string theory and M-theory. These solutions preserve up to half the original supersymmetry and are dual to interfaces and junctions of CFT's.
Black Holes in Higher Spin gravity
Together with P. Kraus, E. Perlmutter and M. Ammon constructed black hole solutions in three dimensional higher spin theories which are described by Chern-Simons theories in the bulk.
Entanglement entropy with  Wilson loop and surfaces
Together with Simon Gentle we calculated the holographic entanglement entropy of the bubbling supergravity solutions describing Wilson loops with representations of order N^2.

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Darya Krym
Assistant Prof, CUNY
Marco Chiodaroli
Postdoc, AEI Potsdam, Germany
Josh  Samani
Lecturer, UCLA
Eliot Hijano

Yi Li

Chrysostomos Marasinou