Jay Hauser: Research Activities

I do my research on the CMS experiment. The CMS and ATLAS experiments co-discovered the Higgs particle in 2012 using data from the Large Hadron Collider.

I am currently Chair of the CMS Muon Institution Board and working with students on several analyses of LHC Run 2 data (proton collisions at center-of-mass energy 13 TeV), looking for evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model, and testing improvements to the triggering of CMS on high momentum muon particles in preparation for LHC Run 3.

Prior to that, I designed and built electronics for the Cathode Strip Chamber (CSC) muon system of CMS between 1997-2006, and commissioned the CSC during 2007-2009 at CERN. A picture of me working on the CSC from circa 2009 is shown at right.

I was resident in Geneva while Project Manager for the CSC system 2010-2015 and then System Manager for the newly-unified CMS muon system in 2015-2017.

See my CV (Dec. 2018) for more information, including a brief list of selected publicationsŧ.

UCLA has a large research effort in CMS, lead by Professors Michalis Bachtis, Robert Cousins, Jay Hauser, and David Saltzberg. The UCLA CMS group works closely and harmoniously together, and I hope we will soon have a nice web page to describe the rest of our group and our research.

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