Hauser Teaching:

I have taught many physics and astronomy courses at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Fall 2019 and Winter 2020, I will be supervising 4AL laboratories that serve about 200-250 students per quarter and were revised during Summer 2019 under the leadership of Prof. Arisaka. The students now buy their own inexpensive Arduino kits for remote sensing and data acquisition, and analyze data using Python. They spend several weeks doing projects of their own choosing. It's great fun, and prepares students well for subsequent lab work.

Spring 2020, I will teach upper-division particle physics to undergraduates, Physics 126. Other classes that are my favorites:

The picture below was from Fall 2013 when I taught Physics 226A, a graduate-level elementary particle physics class, largely from CERN using Skype when no other professor at UCLA was able to teach the class. This was a pretty successful trial of long-distance learning.

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