Beam Tests

We have recently (9/99) taken data using an electron linac Argonne Wakefield Accelerator :


LUNAr Cherenkov Emission Experiment

Peter Gorham, David Saltzberg, Paul Schoessow, Wei Gai, John Power, Richard Konecny, Manuel Conde

preprint: hep-ex/0004007 (Accepted by Phys. Rev. E)
SLAC seminar (5/23/00) (this is accelerator half of the seminar, PG gave 1st half on Goldstone)

We used the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator to test the properties of emission from a short (~50 picosecond) bunch of 1010 electrons at 15.2 MeV. This approximates the electrons in shower-max of a 1021 eV neutrino shower.

We dumped the electron beam into a bucket containing 800 pounds of silica sand. We used an S-band pyramidal horn to measure the microwave energy from 1.7 to 2.6 GHz.

We saw whopping signals, no amplifiers were needed, just attenuators. The following is a typical pulse (volts. vs. nseconds) read directly by a TDS694 oscilloscope:

We are currently writing up our results. In the meantime, visit our photo gallery: