Our outreach efforts are based on the fact that so few students--not just high school students but even most physics majors--are rarely exposed to the existence of cosmic rays.

High School Outreach

We plan on building a large cosmic ray air shower array by distrubuting detectors across Los Angeles high schools. This will build on a UCLA seismology project where Walter Gekelman, Bill Layton and others have organized high schools to take simulataneous seismometer data using synchronized clocks and the internet.

The project will be done in cooperation with LAPTAG

More information will be added to this page as the project develops.

Undergraduate Outreach

Another project is the refurbishment of UCLA/180F, the undergraduate "Cosmic Ray Lab". The students work on one lab for the entire quarter. Briefly, the experiments are:

We will upgrade the laboratory with new computers, higher resolution TDCs, working NIM modules, new cable-delay boxes, new cables/adaptors/connectors, new furniture, portable digital voltmeters, digital oscilloscopes and a digital camera for the spark chamber lab.