Agenda for RADHEP-2000
UCLA Faculty Center
480 Chancellor Young Drive, UCLA Campus
Nov. 16-18

November 16, 2000
California Room

I. Introduction           Th, 8:00--9:20

8:00-9:00     Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00-9:05     Introduction   (Saltzberg/Gorham)

9:05-9:15     Welcome  
                           (Roberto Peccei, UCLA Dean of Physical Sciences
                               and Vice-Chancellor of Research) 

II. Historical review    Th, 9:20-10:40
    (chair: Al Odian)

9:15--9:55     The discovery & early history of radio    (Trevor Weekes)
                pulses from extensive air showers

10:00--10:25    Radio detection of high energy showers in   
                Dielectric media--a historical view      (Boris Bolotovsky)

10:25--10:40    coffee                          

III. UHECR models and Physics - I    Th, 10:40--12:00
     (chair: Graciela Gelmini)

10:40--11:05  Neutrinos above 10^15 eV: Theory & outlook   (Halzen)

11:10-- 11:35  Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays and Superheavy 
              Particles in the Universe                          (Kuzmin)
11:40--12:05  Probing Physics at Extreme Energies with 
                Cosmic Ultrahigh  Energy Radiation                 (Sigl) 

12:05 -- 1:15   lunch

IV.   Experiments I       Th, 1:15 -- 2:45                 
      (chair: Francis Halzen )

1:15--1:40   Status of the RICE Experiment                         (Besson)

1:45--2:10   Results/Review from Australian Radio Telescope 
               UHE Neutrino Search                               (Hankins)

2:15--2:40   Results/Review from Goldstone Radio Telescope

2:45--3:15   Coffee

V.  UHECR models and Physics -II   Th, 3:15--4:55
     (chair: Alex Kusenko)

3:15--3:35    Signatures for a Cosmic Flux of Magnetic Monopoles 

3:40--4:00    UHE particle acceleration at relativistic and     (Ostrowski)
                  ultra-relativistic  shocks

4:05--4:25    Signatures for 10^18 eV neutrinos from photon
                sources at high redshift                      (Postma)

4:30--4:50    The relic neutrino connection              (Weiler)

6:00 dinner at faculty center             

November 17,2000
California Room

VI. Experiments II     Fri, 9:00-- 12:00
    (chair: Kurt Liewer)

9:00--9:25       Monitoring of Cherenkov emission pulses from
               the Moon with Kalyazin radiotelescope
                                                    (Rustum Dagkesamanskii)

9:30--9:55    Recent results & outlook for EAS radio      (J. Rosner)

10:00--10:25    Studies on Radioemission from EAS by the Gauhati
                University Cosmic Ray (GUCR) Group
                                                     (Kalpana Roy Sinha)

10:30--11:00  coffee

11:00--11:25   The View from Auger                     (Zas)

11:30--11:55  The View from Agasa & Telescope Array    (Teshima) 

12:00--1:15   Lunch

VII.  Simulations   Fri, 1:15--3:25
      (chair: Doug Bergman )

1:15--1:35     Summary of simulations of HE showers in   
                   Dielectrics                               (E Zas)

1:40--2:00      Theoretical estimates on detection of 
                 particles in the Moon  

2:05--2:25      Signal Characteristics from Electromagnetic 
                 Shower in Ice  using Geant                   (Razzaque)

2:30--2:50      Coherence vs. Multiple Scales in Hadronic Shower
                     Evolution                             (Roman Buniy)

2:55-3:25   coffee

VIII.  Accelerator Measurements  Fri, 3:55 -- 5:00
       (chair: Alice Bean)

3:25-3:50      Coherent Radio Radiation of 15 MeV -- 30 GeV 
             Electron and  Photon bunches in Thin and 
             Thick Radiators                                  (Ispirian)

3:55--4:20    Planning for the Generation-X Hadronic            (Ralston)
              Testbeam Experiment

4:25--4:55   Measurements of Coherent Radiation at Argonne 
                and SLAC                                    (Saltzberg)

Workshop Banquet Dinner:
Location: Acapulco Restaurnt (7pm)
dinner speaker:  
"Reminiscences of Gurgen Askaryan"                 (Boris Bolotovsky)

November 18
California Room

IX.   Experiments III     Sat, 9:00--10:20
      (chair: Maryanne Cummings)

9:00-9:25     The View from HiRes                     (Sokolsky)

9:30-9:50   Study of Salt Neutrino Detector (SND)      (Masami Chiba)

9:55-10:15   Status of RAHMAND Experiment              (Zheleznykh)

10:20--10:45  coffee

X. Radar & related possibilities    Sat, 10:45--12:00
     (chair: Doug McKay) 

10:45--11:10    Detection of Energetic Particles by a network of 
                  HF propagation  paths in  Alaska.              
                                                         (Alfred Wong)

11:10--11:30       Radar Detection possibilites of 
                 Extensive Air Showers

11:35--11:55   A proposed experiment to detect >10^18 eV     
               air showers with the Jicamarca radar system   (T. Vinogradova)

12:00--1:15   lunch

XI.  Acoustic Techniques    Sat, 1:15--2:15
    (chair:  Enrique Zas)

1:15--1:40     Review of acoustic detection of UHE particles   

1:45--2:10  Hydro Acoustic Detection -- SADCO Status         (Zheleznykh)

2:15--2:45   coffee 

XII. Future possibilities, outlook and outreach  Sat, 2:45--4:20
   (chair:  Chuck Naudet)

2:45--3:00     Introduction of high school students to      (A. Blanovsky)
                 an astrophysics project 

3:05--3:25     Large scale radio detectors in ice           (D. Seckel) 

3:30--3:55     Concepts for large area ground- & space-        (P. Gorham)
                based radio detection of UHE particles

3:55--4:10     10 km^3-sr detection using downward going 
                   EeV muons                               (S. Barwick)

4:15--4:40      EUSO/OWL                                     (Y. Takahashi
                                                      or K. Arisaka)

4:40--             Discussion & closing remarks

SUNDAY:   Goldstone tour
(You must sign up in advance on registration form.)

7:00           Meet vans at at UCLA & depart by 7:15
10:00          Arrive at Goldstone & checkin
10:15--11:15   Tour of research antenna DSS 13
11:20--12:00   Tour of teaching system at main center
12:00-12:30      lunch
12:30--1:10    DSS24-DSS25 visit
1:20-3:00      DSS14 (70m antenna) tour
3:00-6:00        return to UCLA