Einstein's Theories of Special
and General Relativity

Aricles and sites on Special Relativity (observors in different frames see different things as their relative velocity approaches the speed of light) and General Relativity (presence of mass causes space-time to bend).

News Articles
"The Elegant Universe" Author Has the World on a String --(S.F. Chronicle, 1999)
What is Really Impossible? -- (1998; from BBC science editor David Whitehouse)
What's Between Us and the Moon?  About 15 Billion Inches-- (CNN, 1997)
A Brief History of the Future --Stephen Hawking's 1998 predictions
"Beam Me Up" --Is teleportation possible? (Sci. Amer., 1997)
The Nature of Space and Time -- Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose's views (Sci. Amer., 1996)
Einstein's Manuscript Goes Unsold --E=mc2, not $$$, at 1996 auction
Black Hole Studies to Verify Einstein's Theory
Other Sites Albert Einstein and Relativity
Einstein Revealed -- from Alan Lightman
Erk's Relativity Pages --links to LANL relativity papers
General Relativity --a historical perspective
How Much of Modern Physics is a Fraud?
Olympia Academy --lots of links
Relativity Channel --descriptive explanation of relativity theory
Relativity Study Group
Special Theory of Relativity