Welcome to ePhysics!!! Students, educators, and individuals who are interested in learning physics will find resources that we hope will enrich and encourage their learning experience. At present, this website contains tables and interactive animations.


You will find a menu bar at the top of each page. Place your mouse over (but do not click on) the heading of the topic that you wish to view. A drop down menu will appear. Next, place your mouse over the item in the drop menu that you are interested in. A submenu will appear. Click on an item in the submenu will take you to that item's page.


  • You will find animations and tables on this site. Most of the animations are Java Applets, but a few are Flash animations. The Flash animations require the Flash player 5.0+.

  • You will notice bold, red text on some of the web pages on this site (presently, such text is found only in the tables). Placing your mouse over this bold, red text will cause a box to appear which contains information which is pertinent to the bold, red text. The information box may not appear if the bold, red text appears to high up in the window. If this happens, then scroll the page up and replace your mouse over the text.