Art's Observational Astronomy Pages

Note: Some of these pages describe astronomical objects as seen from the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. The objects would look much the same from any large metropolitan area in the Northern Temperate Zone of the world.

Planetarium and Telescope Shows at UCLA

Calendar of Astronomical Events


Learning the Constellations

Observing in LA

Dark Sky Sites Near LA

Observing Meteor Showers

Observing Mercury

Observing Venus

Observing Mars

Observing Jupiter

Observing Saturn

Finding the Andromeda Galaxy

Telling Time by the Big Dipper

Using Binoculars

Buying a Telescope

Visible Satellite Passes over LA (via astronomy Professor Ned Wright)

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Find the Moon in the Daytime

Find a planet

Find the Dipper and the North Star

Telling time by the Big Dipper