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Science Editorial: Linking hippocampal multiplexed tuning, Hebbian plasticity and navigation.

Enhanced hippocampal theta rhythmicity and emergence of eta oscillation in virtual reality. Karen Safaryan & Mayank R. Mehta. Nature Neuroscience Volume 24, pages 1065-1070 (2021). | Editorial in Science | BBC article | Fast Company article | Article metrics | Singularity Hub article

M. Mehta, podcast on how neurons respond to virtual reality. Listen to the podcast.

Jason J. Moore, Pascal M. Ravassard, David Ho, Lavanya Acharya, Ashley L. Kees, Cliff Vuong, Mayank R. Mehta, Dynamics of cortical dendritic membrane potential and spikes in freely behaving rats. Science Vol. 355, Issue 6331, 1281 (2017), 24 March 2017. | Press coverage

Zahra M Aghajan, Lavanya Acharya, Jason J Moore, Jesse D Cushman, Cliff Vuong, Mayank R Mehta. Impaired spatial selectivity and intact phase precession in two-dimensional virtual reality. Nature Neurosci. doi:10.1038/nn.3884 (2014). News Coverage

Jesse D. Cushman, Daniel B. Aharoni, Bernard Willers, Pascal Ravassard, Ashley Kees, Cliff Vuong, Briana Popeney, Katsushi Arisaka, Mayank R. Mehta. Multisensory control of multimodal behavior: Do the legs know what the tongue is doing? PLoS ONE 8 (11): e80465 (2013). UCLA Press Release | Science Daily | PLoS ONE Blogs

Mehta, M.R. How the mind Emerges from the brain. UCLA Computer Science 201 Seminar: October 14, 2013. YouTube

Ravassard, P., Kees, A., Willers, B., Ho, D., Aharoni, D., Cushman, J., Aghajan, Z. M., Mehta, M. R. Multisensory Control of Hippocampal Spatiotemporal Selectivity. Science (May), 1-7 (2013). UCLA Press Release | Press Coverage
Living in the Matrix requires less brain power

An Intricate Network: New Research Is Uncovering a More Complex Path for Memory. New findings reveal memory networks more intricate than previously believed. Understanding these pathways may help develop ways to enhance learning, mitigate memory disorders such as Alzheimer's or guard against memory loss from aging.
Kavli Foundation Science Spotlight

T. G. Hahn, J. M. McFarland, S. Berberich, B. Sakmann, M. R. Mehta. Spontaneous persistent activity in entorhinal cortex modulates cortico-hippocampal interaction in vivo. Nature Neuroscience 15(11) 1531-1538 (2012).
UCLA press release | Medical XPress | More

A. Kumar and M. R. Mehta, "Frequency-dependent changes in NMDAR-dependent synaptic plasticity." Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 5:38 (2011).
UCLA Press Release | Science Daily | Psych Central

Z. Chen, E. Resnik, J. M. McFarland, B. Sakmann, M. R. Mehta, Speed controls the amplitude and timing of the hippocampal gamma oscillations. PLoS One, 6, e21408, (2011).
UCLA Press Release | Science Daily | More

Thomas T. Hahn, Bert Sakmann & Mayank R. Mehta. Differential responses of hippocampal subfields to cortical up-down states. PNAS 104: 5169-5174 (2007).
Medical News Today | Scientific American

Thomas T. Hahn, Bert Sakmann & Mayank R. Mehta. Phase-locking of hippocampal interneurons' membrane potential to neocortical up-down states. Nature Neuroscience, 9 1359-1361 (2006).
Science Daily