I like to share my enthusiasm about physics, astrophysics, and science with others!


My current undergraduate students and I are working on building components of the low frequency extension to ANITA and calibration systems. In the past, I have overseen undergraduate research projects in gamma-ray and cosmic-ray data analysis, dusty plasmas, and educational plasma devices.

AJP Cover

Plasmas are visualy appealing, and as such, can be a useful tool for introductory phsyics education. More more details, see my AJP paper

Teacher Training

A team of teachers and I flew an experiment on splashing in microgravity through the PPPL-led CLOµDS program and the NASA Reduced Gravity Office. We collaborated on ways to incorporate the data and science from the expeirment into their classrooms.

I have taught a number of small workshops for K-12 teachers on scientific inquiry, plasmas, and energy such as QUEST.

Afterschool Science

Students should be able to get their hands dirty when they learn science.

Women and Minorities in Physics

People from all backgrounds and cultures should feel welcomed to the physics community. Ilead a small mentoring group at UCLA through the Women in Physics and Astronomy Club. I led the PPPL efforts towards encouraging more women from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in science. This included leading and nearly doubling the size of the annual Young Women's Conference.

For more detail, check out my CV.