A few weeks ago, we had the most glorious day off. I drew as Katie knitted and Jarred and Ben played guitar in the 208 lounge that faces the Arrival Heights Summit. Later on, we met up with Brian, Dana, Jess, and Mark to go to the Ob Tube. The drawing feels unfinished, but has a nice raw quality to it. I'm not sure I'll ever finish it, so I thought I'd share it with you. At this point, it seems to be a record of a great day and maybe I'll leave it at that.


The flights back from into West Antarctica left quite an impression on me. Piering out the window of the flight from Siple Dome, I saw Minna Bluff, Black Island, and eventually White Island. We travelled through some thick fog, and the mountains appeared as blue orbs arising from nothingness.


The second flight was on a much bigger, plane, an LC-130. The weather was clearer, but the clouds danced around Willie Field leaving bright yellow shadows in its wake. I painted Black Island before an ice sheet with the sun peaking through the clouds.