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No Siple but Plenty of WAIS

Both of our flight opprotunities to Siple Dome were cancelled. The first one was scheduled for Friday. The second one for Saturday. There are no flights on Sunday and ANITA would be at Siple Dome by Monday. So we cancelled any and all trips to Siple Dome this season.

It ...

Fastest Turn Around in the South

Incredibly, there's a possibility that we'll make it to Siple Dome as soon as tomorrow. David and I arrived yesterday, but we talked to the flight coordinator last night and managed to check in all of our cargo in for the flight this morning. In the picture, we ...

Welcome to Summit

Today is my second day at Summit Station, which is right in the middle of the country, up at 10,530 ft on the ice sheet.

The Big House at Summit

I'm currently snuggled in my sleeping bag rated for -40 deg F, in my tent designed for polar conditions. It's pretty cozy ...


I heart WAIS Divide

Broken Glasses

Sometimes there are casualties.


Sometimes you get suited up, just to get shot down