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Deployment for ANITA-4

As usual for these trips, I'm feeling antsy. But this time around, the feeling is warranted. ANITA launched on Dec. 2 UTC, the same day I started my journey to McMurdo.

To get to McMurdo, I first travelled to Christchurch via three flights: a puddle jumper from San Luis ...

Pegasus Landing

It's still beautiful here.

Mountains near the Pegasus landing site on the Ross Sea.

Mountains near Pegasus

The Hercules LC-130, flown this time by the New Zealand Air Force.

The Hercules LC130

Me delighted to get off the Herc.

Me happy to get off the Herc

Welcome to Summit

Today is my second day at Summit Station, which is right in the middle of the country, up at 10,530 ft on the ice sheet.

The Big House at Summit

I'm currently snuggled in my sleeping bag rated for -40 deg F, in my tent designed for polar conditions. It's pretty cozy ...


Arrived today in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. I’ll be here at least until Sunday. Then I’ll be headed up to Summit Camp, where there will be about 45 other people.

The town of Kangerlussuaq engulfs an enormous airfield. The town and airfield are surrounded by shockingly straight mountain crags. The ...


Sometimes you get suited up, just to get shot down

Christchurch: A City in Waiting

Christchurch after the earthquakes


Getting excited for my trip down south