Troy Carter

Director, Basic Plasma Science Facility
Director, Plasma Science and Technology Institute
Professor of Physics
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA
430 Portola Plaza, Box 951547
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1547
Office: 4-909 Phys & Astro Building
(310) 825-4770 (office)
(310) 825-4057 (fax)
(310) 825-0957 (lab office, 15-70G Rehab)
(310) 206-5484 (fax (Rehab))


Educational Background

Ph.D., Astrophysical Sciences (plasma physics), Princeton University (2001)
B.S., Physics and Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University (1995)


  • 2021-2022: Physics 117 (Electronics Lab), Physics 210A/B (Graduate EM)
  • Previous Courses: Physics 210A/B, Physics 6A, Physics 6C, Physics 4BL, Physics 1B, Physics 110A/B, Physics M122, Physics 180E, Physics 222A/B, Physics 495


My research program focuses on nonlinear processes, turbulence, and turbulence-induced transport in magnetized plasmas. The primary motivation for my work is gaining basic physics understanding of these phenomena; additional motivation comes from the desire to confine plasmas for fusion energy applications and from the desire to understand observations in space and astrophysical plasmas. My experimental work has made use of the world-class Basic Plasma Science Facility at UCLA as well as major fusion facilities in the US, in particular the DIII-D tokamak (located at General Atomics in San Diego).
To learn more about recent research and publications, visit my Google Scholar page.
For information on other plasma physics research activities at UCLA, visit the Plasma Science and Technology Institute website.
Current graduate students: Gurleen Bal, Kyle Callahan, Thomas Look, Joshua Larson, Jesus Perez, Quinn Pratt, Jesus Serrano, Stephen Storment, Phil Travis, Henry Wong, Yhoshua Wug

Former graduate students:
Shawn Tang (2021, postdoc, General Atomics)
Giovanni Rossi (2021, postdoc, UCLA)
Jeffrey Robertson (2020, Impira)
Tom Neiser (2019, General Atomics)
Lazlo Bardoczi (2017, General Atomics)
Brett Friedman (2013, LLNL)
David Schaffner (2013, Assoc. Professor, Bryn Mawr College)
Jie Zhang (2013, LAM Research)
Jon Hillesheim (2012, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UK)
Travis Yates (2010, self-employed)
Warren Lybarger (2009, Aerospace Corporation)
David Pace (2008, General Atomics)
Anne White (2008, Professor and Dept. Head, MIT)
Brian Brugman (2007, AllianceBernstein)

Former postdocs: Pavel Popovich (Limat Capital, Zurich), Brett Friedman (LLNL), Seth Dorfman (SSI)