A few books (of abstracts) are left.  They are available on a first come, first serve basis for $25.  Conference posters are also available; no charge for the first 20 requests; $1.00 each thereafter (to cover postage).

The winners of the first "Oscar Buneman awards" are shown on the "Oscar Buneman" page.

The times/locations/hosts for the next two ICNSP conferences are given on the general information page.

If you have any suggestions for improvements in the conduct of the conference, or for changes to the format for the next conference, please let us know; we will pass them on to the program commitee.  Drop an email to Tom at thompson@physics.ucla.edu, or to any of the committee members.

Note: to properly view the pdf files, it is usually necessary to enlarge them to fill the screen. All of them appear to print with much better quality than the view on the screen.

Note: We had a copy of the Journal of Plasma Physics on display (marked "do not remove", but unfortunately someone did).  If you have it (or know who does), kindly return it to Prof. George Miley at the address provided on the page above.