5/11/2018 AJ Pryor successfully defended his Ph. D. thesis. Congratulations, AJ!

5/8/2018 Our in situ coherent diffractive imaging paper was published in Nature Communications, of which Mike Lo is the first author.

2/28/2018 John Miao and collaborators received an NSF Creativity Award.

1/3/2018 AJ Pryor received the Peccei-Holmes Graduate Fellowship from UCLA. Congratulations, AJ!

10/25/2017 Yongsoo Yang and AJ Pryor gave lectures at the Frontiers of Electron Tomography Short Course at LBNL.

10/23/2017 John Miao and collaborators from UC Berkley and LBNL organized an International Workshop on the Frontiers of Electron Tomography in the Physical Sciences, which was held on Oct. 23 and 24 at LBNL.

9/1/2017 Dennis S. Kim joined our group as a STROBE Postdoctoral Fellow from Caltech. Welcome Dennis!

4/3/2017 Yao Yang joined our group as a Graduate Student Researcher. Welcome Yao!

3/29/2017 AJ Pryor received a 2017 M&M Student Scholar Award, for the paper entitled "GENFIRE: A Generalized Fourier Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm for High-Resolution 3D Electron and X-ray Imaging". Among the proceedings papers from more than 200 students, only a small number were selected for M&M Student Scholar Awards. Congratulations, AJ!

3/23/2017 Rui Xu, a former postdoc of our group, becomes a Research Scientist at Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California. Congratulations, Rui!

3/20/2017 A Nature video featuring our work on 3D imaging of the core structure of dislocations at atomic resolution has been viewed for more than 3 million times on YouTube.

2/2/2017 Our Nature paper, entitled "Deciphering chemical order/disorder and material properties at the single-atom level", has attracted considerable news attention.

1/10/2017 Yongsoo Yang received the 2017 Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research. Among the 1,314 postdoctoral scholars at UCLA, only four received this prestigious award. Congratulations, Yongsoo!

1/2/2017 Former group member, Mary Scott, became an Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley and LBNL. Congratulations Mary!

1/2/2017 Xuezeng Tian joined our group as a Postdoctoral Scholar. Welcome Xuezeng!

10/24/2016 John Miao has been elected APS Fellow.

9/26/2016 Jianwei (John) Miao serves as the Deputy Director for a million NSF Science and technology Center on Real-Time Functional Imaging, which aims to tackle major scientific challenges by improving imaging technology.

9/23/2016 Jianwei (John) Miao and collaborators published an invited review article in Science, entitled "Atomic electron tomography: 3D structures without crystals".

7/29/2016 Former group member, Jose Rodriguez, became an Assistant Professor at UCLA. Congratulations Jose!

9/21/2015 Our paper on entitled "Three-Dimensional Coordinates of Individual Atoms in Materials Revealed by Electron Tomography" is published in Nature Materials.

6/8/2015 Our paper, entitled "Grain rotation and lattice deformation during photo-induced chemical reactions revealed by in situ X-ray nanodiffraction", is published in Nature Materials.

5/1/2015 Jianwei (John) Miao and collaborators published an invited review article in Science, entitled "Beyond crystallography: Diffractive imaging using coherent x-ray light sources".