RADHEP-2000 Write-ups

To be published by the American Institute of Physics

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David Saltzberg, Peter Gorham Preface postscript

Historical Overview

Trevor Weekes Radio Pulses from Cosmic Ray Air Showers postscript
Boris Bolotovskii Gurgen A. Askaryan postscript

Physics Implications of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays

Vadim Kuzmin Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays and Superheavy Particles in the Universe postscript
Guenter Sigl Probing Physics and Astrophysics at Extreme Energies with Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Radiation postscript
Stuart Wick Signature Studies of Cosmic Magnetic Monopoles postcript
Marieke Postma Signature Neutrinos from Photon sources at High Redshift postscript
Tom Weiler Extreme-Energy Cosmic Rays: Puzzles, Models and Maybe Neutrinos postscript

Radio Detection of Extensive Air Showers

Jon Rosner Extensive Air Shower Radio Detection: Recent Results and Outlook postscript
Kalpana Roy Sinha
Studies on Radioemission from EAS by the Gauhati University Cosmic Ray Group PS, doc
Karo Ispirian Coherent Transition Radiation Produced in Clouds, Ice and Salt by Shower Particles postscript

Calculations of Radio Emission from Showers in Dense Media

Enrique Zas Calculations of Radio Pulses from High energy Showers postscript
Jaime Alvarez-Muniz Prospects for Radio Detection of Extremely High energy Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos in the Moon postscript
Soeb Razzaque Signal Characteristics from Electromagnetic Cascades in Ice postscript
Roman Buniy Concepts in the Coherence of Radio Cherenkov Emission from Ultra-High Energy Electromagnetic and Hadronic Showers postscript

Current and Future Experiments Using Radio Emission in Dense Media

David Besson Status of the RICE experiment postscript
Tim Hankins A Search for Lunar Cherenkov Emission from High-Energy Neutrinos postscript
Peter Gorham New Limits on a Diffuse Flux of 100 EeV Cosmic Neutrinos postscript or
Rustam Dagkesamanskii Monitoring of Cherenkov Emission Pulses with the Kalyazin Radiotelescope: Real Sensitivity and Prospective Program postscript
Dave Seckel In-Ice Radio Detection of GZK Neutrinos postscript,PDF
Masami Chiba Study of a Salt Neutrino Detector postscript

Accelerator Measurements

David Saltzberg Observation of the Askaryan Effect postscript
John Ralston Planning for the Generation-X Radio Cherenkov Test Beam Experiment postscript
Karo Ispirian Coherent Radio Radiation Produced by 15 MeV -- 30 GeV Electron and Photon Bunches in Thick and Thin Radiators postscript

Radar and Other Techniques

Peter Gorham On Radar Detection of EeV Air Showers postscript
Alfred Wong Detection of Energetic Partices by a Network of HF Propagation Paths in Alaska PDF
Tatiana Vinogradova A Proposed Experiment to Detect Air Showers with the Jicamarca Radar System postscript
Igor Zheleznykh Prospects of Hyrdoacoustic Detection of Ultra-High and Extremely High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos postscript
Enrique Zas The View from Auger postscript
Pierre Sokolsky The View from Hi-Res postscript
Francis Halzen 1020 eV Cosmic Ray and Particle Physics with IceCube pdf or postscript


Karo Ispirian
Poems by Gurgen Askaryan postscript
n/a List of Participants postscript

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