First International Workshop on
Radio Detection of High-Energy Particles

** Trasnsparencies **

** Write-ups **

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** List of Participants**

UCLA Faculty Center
University of California, Los Angeles
November 16-18, 2000

Major Topics

  • Latest progress in UHE cosmic-ray models and observations
  • Historical Review of Radio Detection
  • Status of radio cosmic-ray detection experiments
  • Status of simulations
  • "Active sensing" (eg, radar) experiments and ideas
  • Other radio detection experiments (axions, etc.)
  • Topics in antenna and EM theory
  • Accelerator tests: past & future
  • Acoustic experiments
  • Discussion of open questions
  • Future Experiments

    Guglielmo Marconi

    International Organizing and Advisory Committee:

    Peter Gorham (co-chair), NASA/JPL
    David Saltzberg (co-chair), UCLA
    Alice Bean, Kansas
    David Besson, Kansas
    Karl van Bibber, LLNL
    Maryanne Cummings, Northern Illinois
    Ron Ekers, Australia National Telescope Facility
    George Frichter, Florida State
    Francis Halzen, Wisconsin
    Karapet Ispiryan, Yerevan Physics Inst., Armenia
    Timothy Hankins, New Mexico Tech
    Michael Klein, NASA/JPL
    Thomas Kuiper, NASA/JPL
    Douglas McKay, Kansas
    Buford Price, UC Berkeley
    John Ralston, Kansas
    George Resch, NASA/JPL
    Jonathan Rosner, Chicago
    Paul Schoessow, Argonne National Lab
    David Seckel, Bartol
    George Smoot, UC Berkeley
    Trevor Weekes, Arizona
    Enrique Zas, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
    Igor Zheleznyk, Moscow

    Victor Hess

    Abstract Submission

    There will be some invited talks, however we encourage submission of abstracts from individuals on the workshop topics. Please send to this address as soon as possible.


    Proceedings from the contributed talks will be published by the American Institute of Physics. Scanned copies of the talk will be available shortly afterwards on the web. Please send your manuscript to this address. Instructions for writing the manuscript will be given at the workshop. Manuscripts are due by Dec. 20.


    Most major airlines such as United Airlines (1-800-241-6522), American Airlines (1-800-433-7800) and Northwest Airlines (1-800-225-2525) have good connections to Los Angeles. For a good rate that does not even require a Saturday night stayover, check out America Trans Air (800-435-9282), Frontier Air (1-800-432-1359) and Reno Air (1-800-736-6247). Of course there are many others.


    There is still plenty of space at the following hotels if you book now. Please reserve early.

    UCLA Guest House (330 Circle Drive East, 310-825-2923)
    This is the place we recommend. Rooms are $93/night (single) and $98/night (double). Mention "UCLA Physics Dept." They have very nice rooms and are only about 200 yards from the Workshop location.
    Fax number 310-825-6108.

    Hilgard House (927 Hilgard Ave, 310-208-3945)
    Ask for "UCLA rate" $104/night (single) $109/night (double). This is about a five minute walk from the workshop.
    Fax number 310-208-1972.

    Claremont Hotel (1044 Tiverton Ave., 310-208-5957)
    This is a "modest" hotel, but it is cheap at $43/night (single) and $55/night (double). And it is only a 5-10 minute walk from campus. It is where UCLA faculty stays when we don't have an apartment. Mention "UCLA physics".
    Fax number: 310-208-2386.

    Royal Palace Westwood (1052 Tiverton Av., 310-208-6677)
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    Hotel Del Capri (10587 Wilshire Blvd., 310-474-3511).
    This is about a 15 minute walk from the workshop. Their rooms are $85 (single) and $105 (two-room suite). Mention "UCLA rate". Fax number: 310-470-9999

    The Double Tree Hotel--Westwood (10740 Wilshire Blvd., 310-475-8711)
    There is a shuttle to UCLA or it is a 20 minute walk. Rooms are $139/night (single) and $149/night (double). Mention "UCLA rate".
    Fax number: 310-475-5220.


    You will not need a car during the conference and a cab ride is fairly cheap. So you are encouraged not to rent a car.


    For an overview, see the area map.

    We also have a specific campus map. On that map, the Faculty Center, where we will be holding the workshop, (on 480 Circle Drive East) is "Building 40". The Claremont Hotel and Royal Palace are located on Tiverton Avenue near Lindbrook Avenue. The UCLA Guest House is "Building 10". The Physics Dept. is located in Knudsen hall, which is building 39.

    If you want to give specific instructions to the cab driver, use your hotel address. If you are driving here, then check out Detailed Directions.


    Please send us THIS FORM to let us know you are coming so we have a head count.

    We will ask for $200 per person. This includes three continental breakfasts, three lunches, three afternoon coffees and two dinners. (The food at the Faculty Center is really good.) It also will include documentation of the workshop. Please pay in cash or by a check to "The Regents of the University of California" on the first morning of the workshop. Sorry, we can't take credit cards.

    Preliminary Agenda

    How's the weather in Los Angeles?

    Workshop "Banquet"

    The Workshop "Banquet" will be Friday night at the Acapulco Restaurant in Westwood. (Dinner speaker: B. Bolotovsky, "Reminiscences of Gurgen Askaryan")

    Sunday Trip

    We are arranging a trip to NASA/JPL's Goldstone Deep Space Network site near Barstow. The site includes the giant 70 m and numerous 34 m radio antennas used for spacecraft telemetry and tracking, for radio astronomy and for a UHE neutrino search.


    The weather in Los Angeles is unpredictable. Bring warm and cool clothing.
    Bring an umbrella and sunglasses.