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Crash Test Dummies Video

M.6.12 Crash Test Dummies Video

A. Understanding car crashes - It's Basic Physics, put out by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safefy and narrated by a high school physics teacher. This video is a more modern version of the Crash Test Dummies video to illustrate Newton's second law in the context of car collisions. The video uses scenes in which an egg is thrown at a brick wall and sheet to demonstrate momentum transfer and impulse. The typical running time of the appropriate segment of video is less than five minutes and the entire video is twenty-two minutes.

B. "Physics and Automobile Collisions" by Dean Zollman - This laser disc video illustrates the concepts of Newton's Laws, impulse and momentum, conversion of kinetic energy to other forms, and conservation of momentum in 2D collisions with physics narration. You may wish to watch the disk through and pick out parts appropriate for your class, or I recommend the following parts as a short general survey:

Chapter 1 Introduction 38 sec
Chapter 2 1st Law, impulse and air bags 2-1/2 min
Chapter 4 Price of damage to car with and without shock absorbing bumpers 1-1/2 min

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