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First Day Demos
Things are not What They Seem - M.0.1
A Set of First Day Demos - M.0.2
Chaos - M.0.3
Vectors and Forces
Vector Board - M.1.1
Projection Force Table - M.1.2
Hanging Pulley - M.1.3
Sailing Closehauled - M.1.4
Vector Addition Arrows - M.1.5
What is a Radian? - M.1.6
Motion Concepts - M.2.1
Acceleration Down an Inclined Plane - M.2.2
Motion Concepts - Sonic Ranger - M.2.3
Sonic Basketball - M.2.4
First Law, Inertia
Jerk the Table Cloth - M.3.1
Flick the Card - M.3.2
Inertia Ball - M.3.3
Hoop and Flask - M.3.4
Bed of Nails - M.3.5
Partial Pie Plate - M.3.6
Hammer and Rod - M.3.7
Second Law
Dynamics Track Demos - M.4.1
Third Law
Paradox of Forces - M.5.1
Rockets - M.5.2
Sail and Prop - M.5.3
Ballistocardiograph - M.5.4
Momentum and Collisions
A Set of Momentum and Collision Demos
Collision Balls - M.6.1
Dynamics Track Collisions - M.6.2
Reaction Carts - M.6.3
Hover Disk Collisions - M.6.5
Two Balls Hanging - M.6.6
Ballistic Pendulum - M.6.7
Impulse - M.6.8
Coefficient of Restitution - M.6.9
Weight of an Hour Glass - M.6.11
Crash Test Dummies Video - M.6.12
Happy and Unhappy Impact - M.6.13
Friction Blocks - M.7.1
Terminal Velocity - M.7.2
Blackboard Mechanics - M.7.3
Biceps Muscle - M.8.1
Strut and Tie Set - M.8.2
Leaning Ladder - M.8.3
Gravitational Acceleration
Measurements of g - M.9.1
Acceleration down an Inclined Plane - M.9.2
Horizontal and Vertical Bell Drop - M.9.3
Three Balls Falling - M.9.4
Cavendish Balance - M.9.5
Guinea and Feather Tube - M.9.6
Local Inertial Frame - M.9.7
Falling Chimney - M.9.8
Drop Two Balls - M.9.9
Weightlessness - M.9.10
Ballistics Pendulum - M.10.1
Range of a Gun - M.10.2
Horizontal and Vertical Ball Drop - M.10.3
Monkey and Hunter - M.10.4
Water Stream Ballistics - M.10.5
Ping Pong Cannon - M.10.6
Galilean Relativity - M.10.7
Galilean Pendulum, Track - M.11.1
Loop the Loop - M.11.2
Faith in Physics Pendulum - M.11.3
Perpetual Motion Top - M.11.4
Measurement of Horsepower - M.11.5
Uniform Circular Motion
Simple Accelerometer - M.12.1
Centrifugal Force - M.12.2
Swing a Bucket or Tray - M.12.3
Coriolis Force - M.12.4
Principle of a Foucalt Pendulum - M.12.5
Rotational Inertia
Rolling Objects - M.12.1
Loop the Loop - M.12.2
Rotational Acceleration - M.12.3
Torsion Pendulum - M.12.4
Turntable and Weights - M.12.5
Torque Illustrations - M.14.1
Falling Chimney - M.14.2
Tricks with a Meter Stick - M.14.3
Torque Wrench - M.14.4
Angular Momentum
Turntable and Weights - M.15.1
Turntable and Bicycle Wheel - M.15.2
Gyroscopes and Tops - M.15.3
Center of Mass Demostrations
A set of CM Demos - M.16.1
Tiltable Prism - M.16.2
Tilted Wine Bottle - M.16.3
Stacking Blocks - M.16.4
Oloid Movie - M.16.5
Nonlinear Mechanics
Paul Trap - M.17.1
Compound Pendulum - M.17.2
Harmonic Motion and Waves
Simple Harmonic Motion
Simple Harmonic Motion
Pendulum Waves
Driven Mass on a Spring
Driven Torsion Pendlum
Laser Sine Wave from Tuning Fork
Driven Tuning Fork
Current Coupled Coils
Two Balls Hanging
Parametric Oscillation
Rubber Hose or Wave Spring
Space Phone
Bell Wave Machine
Longitudinal and Transverse Waves
Kundt's Tube
Ripple Tank
Fluorescent Motor Driven String
Rudnick's String
Fourier Analysis and Synthesis
Group and Phase Velocity
Doppler Shift
Soap Film Oscillations
Spontaneous Synchronization
Electricity and Magnetism
Simple Electrostatics Experiments
Van der Graaff Experiments
Franklin's Bell's
Avatar Love
Wimshurst Generator
Dissectible Leyden Jar
Electric Field Projection
Coulomb's Law
Gauss's Law
Electric Potential
Faraday Ice Pail
Capacitors and Inductors
Leyden Jars
RC Time Constant
Parallel Plate Capacitor
Capacitors and Inductors
Back EMF
Big Sparks
Flowing Charge
Coin Shrinker, Can Cutter
Earth's Magnetic Field
Magnets and Compasses
Magnetic Field of a Bar Magnet
Compliance, Reluctance, Coercion
Simple Measurement of B
Barkhausen Effect
Rowland's Ring
Hysteresis Curve
Curie Motor
Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism
Curie Temperature
Gauss Cannon
Magnetic Fields of Currents
Lorentz Force Law
Long Straight Wire
Solenoid and Loop Fields
Parallel Wires
Oersted Effect
Magnetic Effect on Current
Jumping Wire
Meter Movement
Faraday Induction
Current Coupled Coils
Lenz's Law
Tesla Coils
Motors and Generators
Hertzian Waves
Infrared, Radiometer, and Maxwell's Spectrum
Vector Potential
Mutual Inductance
EM and Helical Electrons
Transmission Line
Bicycle Generator
Microwave Oven Experiments
Paul Trap
DC Circuits
Voltage and Current Measurements
Light Bulbs in Series and Parallel
Ohm's Law
Joule Cooking
Batteries and Electrolysis
Making Ammeters and Voltmeters
Internal Resistance of a Meter
Terminal Voltage
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
AC Circuits
AC-DC Difference
The 90D Phase Shift of a Capacitor
RC and RL Circuits
RC Integration and Differentiation
RLC Circuit and Resonance
Circuit Puzzle
Perfectly Safe Human Shocker
Solar Cell
Mag Lev
Magnetic Levitation
Spin Stabilized Levitation
Alcon Levitator
Diamagnetic Stabilized Levitators
Diamagnets & Frogs
High T Superconductor
Musical Instruments
Effects of Sound
Science of Sound Tape
Bell in Vacuum
Doppler Shift
Beats and Sympathetic Vibration
Voice with Helium and SF6
Kundt's Tube
Flame Tube
Helmholtz Resonator
Acoustical Perception
Acoustical Interference
Chladni Plate
Rijke Tubes
Rudnick's Acoustical Cavity and Motor
Breaking Glass with Sound
Geometrical Optics
Introducing the Laser
Blackboard Optics
Real and Virtual Image Illusions
Image from a Lens or Mirror
Multiple Images in Mirrors
Total Internal Reflection
Measuring a Glasses Perscription
Lens Aberrations
Sunset Colors from Scattering
Projected Colors
Speed of Light
Polaroid Sheets
Polarization by Scattering
Crossed Polarizers
Brewster's Angle
Interference and Diffraction
Soap Film
Newton's Rings
Single, Double and Multiple Slits
Ripple Tank
Michelson Interferometer
Acoustical Interference
Arc Tubes
Absorption of Sodium Light
Projected Mercury and Continuous Spectra
Optical Instruments
Optical Instruments
Matter and Thermodynamics
Isotropy of Pressure
Archimedes Principle
Odd Shaped Vessels
Pascal's Vases
Bernoulli Demos
Throw 'Em a Curve
Effects in a Vacuum
Atmospheric Pressure
Imiscible Fluids
Connecting Capillaries
Velocity of Efflux
Viscosity Bottles
Cartesian Driver
Non-Newtonian Fluids
Heat and Temperature
Specific Heat
Galileo's Air Thermometer
Fun With LN2
Drinking Bird and Love Meter
Fire Walking
Anisotropic Heat Conduction
Gummy Bear Incinerator
Molecular Motion
Brownian Motion
Cooling by Evaporation
Boiling by Cooling
Ruchardt's Cp/Cv Measurement
Liquid Helium Film
Heat Engines
Laws of Thermodynamics
Coefficient of Restitution Balls
Differential Floatation
Crystal Models
Nine Basic Crystal Lattices
Face-Centered and Body-Centered Lattices
Fourteen Bravais Lattices
Modern Physics
Special Relativity
Relativity Films
Michelson Interferometer
Special Relativity
Principal of Equivalence and General Relativity
Zero g film
The Monkey and the POE
Local Inertial Frame
Curved Spacetime
Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics
Black Body Radiation
Wave Particle Duality
Photoelectric Effect
Electron Diffraction
Barrier Penetration
Frank Hertz Experiment
Bohr Atom
Energy Levels
Nuclear and Particle Physics
Radioactivity and Counters
Heavy Water
Nuclear Physics Films
Nuclear Physics Transparencies
Cloud Chamber
Colored Quarks
Classical Powers of Ten - Video
Modern Powers of Ten - Web
Newton's Laws
First Law, Inertia
Second Law, Inertia
Third Law, Inertia
Binary Stars
Gravity and Orbits
Gravity Well
Partial Pie Plate
Ellipse Drawer
Earth, Sun and Sky
Lunar Orbit and Phases
Celestial Sphere
Desktop Planetarium
Angular Momentum
Turntable and Weights
Supernova Bounce
Light, Spectra, Atoms
Spectral Arc Tubes
H Spectrum Projection
Doppler Shift
Atomic Energy Levels
Sodium Absorption
Quantum Mechanics
Photoelectric Effect
Laser Diffraction and Interference
Blackbody Radiation
Nuclear Physics
Heavy Water
Geiger Counter
Cloud Chamber
Blackboard Optics
Parabolic Mirror
Inverting Telescope
Table of Contents

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