16th International Conference on the Numerical Simulation of Plasmas


US-Japan Workshop on Nonlinear Plasma Simulation and Visualization

in cooperation with
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

and supported by
UCLA Dept. of Physics & Astronomy

Holiday Inn Hotel
Goleta, CA

February 10 - 12, 1998

 Monday, February 9

Registration and Reception 6:00 -9:00 pm

Tuesday, February 10

1A Tuesday Morning: Oral Session 1
8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Presiding: J. C. Adam

8:30-8:40 Welcome and Announcements John Dawson
8:40-9:30 1A1. Sato -Simulation of Complexity
9:30-10:00 1A2. Dimits - Numerical Convergence of Gyrokinetic Simulations of Ion-Temperature-Gradient Turbulence
10:00-10:30 1A3. Ryne - The D.O.E. Grand Challenge in Computational Accelerator Physics
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-11:20 1A4. Vu - ASPEN: A Fully Kinetic, Two Dimensional Particle-in-Cell Code for Simulating Parametric Instabilities in Laser-Produced Plasmas
11:20-11:40 1A5. Mori - Modeling Short-Pulse Laser-Plasma Experiments using PIC Codes
11:40-12:00 1A6. Pukhov - 3D Relativistic Particle-In-Cell Code VLPL: Virtual Laser Plasma Lab
12:00-12:20 1A7. Mark - Modeling Particle Accelerators using C++ and the POOMA Framework
12:20-12:40 1A8. Nishihara - Parallelization of PPPM Code and The Lyapunov Exponents in Phase Space
12:40-1:00 1A9. Verboncoeur -X00PIC: Progress in Object-Oriented Particle Simulation

1B Tuesday Evening: Poster Session 1
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Refreshments provided

1B1. Hewett - The Dielectric Boundary Condition for the Embedded Curved Boundary (ECB) Method
1B2. Mardahl - Progress in Parallelizing X00PIC
1B3. Spong - Scientific Visualization of 3-dimensional Optimized Stellarator Configurations
1B4. Brackbill - Particle-in-Cell Magnetohydrodynamics
1B5. Leboeuf - Full-Plasma Cross Section Landau Fluid Calculations of Ion Temperature Gradient-Driven Turbulence in Tokomaks
1B6. Miura - Identification and Visualization of Vortices in Turbulence
1B7. Peterkin - Moving Solid Materials with Magnetic Fields
1B8. Assous / Segre' - A New PIC Scheme to Treat the Numerical Tcherenkov Instability
1B9. Cai - Visualizing Magnetic Field Topology in the Magnetotail using TRISTAN code
1B10. Coppa - Finite-Grid Instability in Non-Uniform Grids; (to view Fig1 click here); (to view Fig2 click here)
1B11. Fijalkow - Vlasov Eulerian Simulations in 2 Dimensions; Destruction of BGK type Equilibrium by a Magnetic Field
1B12. Nelson - High Accuracy Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis
1B13. Maiorov (#1) - Modeling of Coulomb's Particles Collisions in a Plasma
1B14. Shoucri (#1) - Charge Separation, Velocity Shear and Suppression of Turbulence at a Plasma Edge in the Gyro-Kinetic Approximation
1B15. Turner - Kinetic-Fluid Calculation of Electron Heating in Inductive Discharges
1B16. Kares -  Applications of a 3D Body-Fitted PIC Techniques to High Power Microwave Devices
1B17. Keidar - Numerical Calculation of Free Vacuum Arc Plasma Jet Expansion in Curved Magnetic Field
1B18. Mason - Implicit Simulation of Intense Laser-Matter Interaction
1B19. Sanbonmatsu - Quasilinear-Zakharov Simulations of Auroral Langmuir Turbulence
1B20. Sigov - Nonlinear Coherent Nature of Beam-Plasma Interaction in Open Vlasov Systems: Revealing and Visualization
1B21. Sonnendrucker - The Semi-Lagrangian Method for the Resolution of Vlasov Equations
1B22. Tzeng - Parallelized PIC Simulation Codes for Modeling Laser-Plasma Interactions and Examples of their Results

Wednesday, February 11

2A Wednesday Morning: Oral Session 2
8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Presiding: Jean-Noel Leboeuf

8:30-9:00 2A1. Cattaneo - Fully Nonlinear Simulations Of Dynamo Generation Of Large Scale Magnetic Fields
9:00-9:30 2A2. Gombosi - High Performance Three-Dimensional MHD Simulations of Space Plasmas with Adaptive Mesh Refinement
9:30-10:00 2A3. Lyster - Atmospheric Data Assimilation
10:00-10:20 Break
10:20-10:40 2A4. Lee - Perturbative Particle Simulation of Intense nonneutal Beam
10:40-11:00 2A5. Schnack - An Overview of the Nimrod Code
11:00-11:20 2A6. Hayashi - Nonlinear Simulations of  Pressure Driven Plasma Relaxation Phenomena in Torodial Plasmas
11:20-11:40 2A7. Huba -  A New 3D MHD Algorithm: The Distribution Function Method
11:40-12:00 2A8. Naitou - Stabilization of the Kinetic Internal Kink Mode by the Sheared Poloidal Flow
12:00-12:20 2A9. Horiuchi - Particle Simulation of Collisionless Driven Reconnection
12:20-12:40 2A10. Knoll - A Multilevel Iterative Field Solver for Implicit Plasma Simulation Codes
12:40- 13:00 Kageyama -  Data Visualization by a Virtual Reality System

2B Wednesday Afternoon: Poster Session 2
2:30pm - 5:00pm

2B1. Kueny - Embedded Curved Boundaries and Adaptive Mesh Refinement
2B2. Levchenko - Simulation of super-large-size plasma physics Problems on Cheap Computational Sytems Using.Local Schemes Taking into Account the Dependence Region
2B3. Sasser - Modified PIC Algorithm for Efficient Multiprocessor Simulations
2B4. Batishchev (#1) -  Kinetic Model of Plasmas and Neutral Particles for Fusion Applications
2B5. Finn - Newton-Krylov Methods: Reduce MHD, Navier Stokes, and Nonneutral Plasma Equilibria
2B6. Rambo - Spatial Differencing of Poloidal MHD for Axisymmetric Lagrangian Simulation
2B7. Todo - Particle-MHD Hybrid Simulations of the Toroidal Alfven Eigenmode
2B8. Begue - Two-Dimensional Semi-Lagrangian Vlasor Simulations of the Relativistic Modulational Instability
2B9. Couland - Parallelization of Semi-Lagrangian Vlasov Codes
2B10. Friedman - Toward Higher Order Particle Simulation of Space-Charge-Dominated Beams
2B11. Jones - Improved Intra-Species Collision Models for PIC Simulations
2B12. Lin - Global Gyrokinetic Simulation with General Geometry Equilibria
2B13. Maiorov (#2) - Simulation of a Coulomb Plasma by the Many-Particle Method
2B14. Shoucri (#2) - A Method of Fractional Steps for the Solution of a Foker-Planck Equation for the Study of Parallel Transport in the Scape-off Layer of TdeV
2B15. Bromley - Approximate Modeling of Cylindrical Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) Fusion Neutron Generator
2B16. Chance - Synthesized Vacuum Calculation in Toroidal Geometry
2B17. Kawamura  - Methods in Speeding Up PIC-MCC Codes Applied to Rf Plasma Discharges
2B18. Lasinski - PIC Simulations of Hole-Boring for Fast-Ignitor Applications
2B19. Luginsland - Simulation of an Injection-Locked Relativistic Klystron Oscillator
2B20. Nagatomo - Numerical Simulation of Laser Driven Rayleigh-Taylor Instability by ILESTA-2D
2B21. Ren - Nonlinear Tearing Mode Study Using the "Almost Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)" Constraint
2B22. Still - Extending Laser-Plasma Interaction Simulations with MPR-P3D

5:00 - 5:30 Business Meeting

6:30 - 9:30 Banquet  (UCSB Faculty Center)
Presentation of Oscars by C. K. Birdsall

Speaker: Thomas Sterling,  of CalTech/JPL
Tom will talk about PetaFlop computing :  
"An Improbable Approach to Achieving the Impossible through the Unbelievable"


Thursday, February 12

3A Thursday Morning: Oral Session 3
8:30am - 12:45pm
Presiding: Dan Winske

8:30-9:00 3A1. Otani - Stranger in a strange land: A plasma simulationist in the world of cardiac electrophysiology
9:00-9:20 3A2. Bateson - Grid and Particle Dynamics (GaPH) Algorithm
9:20-9:40 3A3. Lampe - Langevin/Monte Carlo Treatment of Coulomb Collisions in PIC Simulations
9:40-10:00 3A4. Joyce - Quasineutral Particle Simulation of Magnetized Plasma Discharge
10:00-10:20 3A5. Grote - New Methods in WARP, a Particle-in-Cell code for Space-harge Dominated Beams
10:20-10:40 Break
10:40-11:00 3A6. Wang - Particle Simulations for Ion Propulsion, an Overview
11:00-11:20 3A7. Mottez - A New Guiding Centre PIC Scheme for Electromagnetic Highly Magnetized Plasma Simulation
11:20-11:40 3A8. Lapenta - Implicit Particle In Cell Simulation of Space Plasmas in Three Dimensions
11:40-12:00 3A9. Lionello - Improved Semi-Implicit MHD Algorithm for Plasmas with Large Flows
12:00-12:45 3A10. Keller - The Global Warming Debate: The Heat is On

3B Thursday Afternoon: Poster Session 3
2:00pm - 4:30pm

3B1. Galkin - Application of Unstructured Grid and Adaptive Grid techniques to 2D and 3D Elliptic Problems
3B2. Nelson - Moved to Tuesday (see poster 1B12)
3B3. Norton -  Object-Oriented Plasma PIC Simulation using Fortran 90 on Supercomputers
3B4. Batishchev (#2) -  Unstructured Adaptive Grids and Grid-Free Methods for Edge Plasmas
3B5. Jiang / Wu - A High Order WENO Finite Difference Scheme for Magnetohydrodynamics
3B6. Rognlien - Algorithms and Results for a Parallelized, Fully-Implicit Edge-Plasma Transport Code
3B7.Tarditi - Progress on TRIM, a 3D Pseudospectral Resistive MHD Code in Adaptive Unstructured Triangular Mesh
3B8. Thomas  - Ray Tracing in an Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) Hydrodynamics Code
3B9. Cadjan Stochastic Method for the Simulation of Plasma Kinetic with Coulomb Collisions
3B10. Cartwright - Nonlinear Hybrid Boltzman-PIC Acceleration Scheme
3B11. Hinkle - Numerical Simulations of Stimulated Brillouin Backscatter in the Presence of Transverse Plasma Flow
3B12. Subbarao - Computer Simulation of a Cylindrical Laser Beam Self-focusing in a Plasma
3B13. Tsintsadze - Kinetic Formulation of Neutrino-Plasma Interactions
3B14. Vay - A New FDTD Scheme for the Wave Equation. Application to Multiscale Electromagnetic Plasma Simulation
3B15. Abdallah - Simulation of the Satellite Spectrum Produced in Plasma Focus Experiments
3B16. Ishiguro - Two-and-a-Half Dimensional Open Boundary Particle Simulation of Current-Driven Electrostatic Ion-Cyclotron Instabilities
3B17. Kang - 1-D PIC Simulation of Localized Langmuir Field Structures Induced by Sharp Density Gradients
3B18. Nishimura - Measurement of Magnetic Field Line Stochasticity in Nonlinearly Evolving, Nonequilibrium Plasmas
3B19. Matthews Ion Transport in a Simulated Plasma Vortex
3B20. Winske- Simulating Dust Acoustic Waves
3B21. Demonstration: "Fresnel Diffraction Explorer"
Dean Dauger (UCLA Physics), who won the CIP Contest for innovative software in physics education
with this program, will demonstrate it.

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